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Annette did more than romp on the beach with Frankie. She also recorded some girl-group songs and had a hit with "Tall Paul."

Turn up the heat, baby! It's Martha and the Vandellas!

The Shirelles, deep in thought about their "Soldier Boy"

Keep the hairspray nearby for Ellie Greenwich!

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More than

girl groups had a song on the U.S. and U.K. charts between 1960-1966!

Girl groups often chose names that mimicked other names. They are categorized here by "types." Since some girl groups used various names, their primary and best-known name is included in parentheses after the group name, where known.


The Bittersweets
The Cake
The Cinnamons
The Cookies
The Cupcakes
The Dixie Cups
The Honeys
The Jelly Beans
The Popsicles

The Sugar Plums
The Yum-Yums
    (Honey & the Bees)

The Orlons in technicolor!


The Antoinettes
The Beatle-ettes
The Bobbettes
The Bronzettes
The Charlettes
    (The Toys)
The Charmettes
The Chic-Lets
    (The Darlettes)
The Clickettes
    (The Jaynetts)
The Cooperettes
The Crystalettes
    (not the famous
The Del-Rhythmettes
The Del-Vetts
The Flamettes
The Francettes
The Fran-Cettes
    (different group)
The Fabulettes
    (not the current
The Georgettes
The Ikettes
The Jaynetts
The Juliettes
The Kolettes
The Lovettes
The Majorettes
The Marvelettes
The Masterettes
    (The Exciters)
The Mirettes
    (The Ikettes)
The Ordettes
The Parlettes
The Persianettes
The Pirouettes
The Primettes
    (The early Supremes)
The Ramblettes
The Raelettes
    (The Cookies)
The Rebelettes
    (The Blossoms)
The Ronettes
The Rosettes
    (The Darlettes)
The Royalettes
The Shamettes
The Sharmettes
The Sonnettes
The Tonettes
    (black girls)
The Tonettes
    (white girls)
The Velvelettes
The Will-Ettes

The Blossoms. Darlene Love, center, had a big voice that gave the group a big sound.


The Blossoms
The Bouquets
The Butterflies
The Daylights
The Fawns
The Honey Bees
    (The Cookies)
The Honeybees
Honey & the Bees
    (neither the Honey Bees
    nor the Honeybees)
The Lady-Bugs
The Moon Maids
The Orchids
The Poppies
    (The Jaynetts)
The Raindrops
The Sandpebbles
The Summits
The Sunbeams
The Swans
The Tulips


The Beach Girls
    (Jean Thomas)
The Boyd Sisters
The Calendar Girls
    (Jean Thomas)
The Cinderellas
The Clinger Sisters
The Darling Sisters
The Davenport Sisters
The Debutantes
The Delicates
The Dolls
The Ervin Sisters
The Girlfriends
The Girls
Les Girls
    (Ellie Greenwich, Jean
    Thomas and Mikie Harris)
The Johnston Sisters
The Knight Sisters
The Ladybirds
The Lana Sisters
    (lead singer, Dusty
The Lewis Sisters
The Martin Sisters
The Models
The Murmaids

The Murmaids, swimming through a song at the piano. Maybe they should have been practicing their spelling.

The Paris Sisters
The Penny Sisters
The Pin-Ups
The Playgirls
    (The Blossoms)
The Queens
The Rag Dolls
    (Jean Thomas, Mikie Harris)
The Shepherd Sisters
The Sherrys
Sugar and Spice
The Tammys
The Tammys
    (yes, two different
    groups had the
    same name)
The Tilton Sisters
The Tomboys
The Vernon Girls


The Angels
The Cinderellas
    (The Cookies)
The Gay Notes
    (The Cookies)
The Goodies
The Goodnight Kisses
The Halos
    (The Angels)
The Hearts
The Kittens
The Lovelites
The Lullabyes
The Patty Cakes
    (The Jaynetts)
The Sweeties
The Taffys
The Toys

Girl Groups of the 1960s


The Avons
    (not the U.K. "Avons")
The Bobbi-Pins
The Bonnets
The Bracelets
The Buttons & Bows
The Buttons & Beaus
The Chiffons
The Dacrons
The Lockets
The Orlons
The Petites
The Poni-Tails
The Powder Puffs
    (Jean Thomas)
The Rev-Lons
The Ribbons
The Velveteens
The Whyte Boots

(Some were earlier known by group name only)

Angie and the Chicklettes
    (Jean Thomas plus
    The Angels)
Anita Humes and the
Barbara English and the
Baby Jane and the
Bob B. Soxx and the
    Blue Jeans
Bonnie and the Treasures
Brenda and the Tabulations
Candy and the Kisses
Connie and the Cones
Danetta and the Starlets

The Starlets, also known as Danetta and the Starlets, also known as the Blue Belles, but not the same group as Patti Labelle's original girl group, the Blue-Belles. Confused? So are we.

Debbie and the Darnells
Dezi and the Soulettes
Diana Ross and the
Diane and the Darlettes
Doreen and the Tammys
Ellie Gee and the Jets
    (Ellie Greenwich)
Erlene and Her
Fannie and the Varcels
Gigi and the
Gigi Parker and the
Ginger and the Snaps
    (The Honeys)
Gladys Knight and the Pips
    (famous later, they
    had hits as early
    as 1963)
Goldie and the
Honey Love and the
    Love Notes
    (Candy & the Kisses)
Jackie and the Tonetts
    (same as the Tonettes?)
Jean and the Statesides
Jessica James and the
    ("Jessica James" was
    the Angels' lead singer)
Joanne & the Triangles
Joy and the Sorrows
Judy (Johnson) and the
Julie and the Desires
Kathy Young and the
Kelly and the Kittens
LaBrenda Ben &
    the Beljeans
Leola and the Lovejoys
Letha Jones with
    the Rivals
Linda and the Tears
Linda Martell and the
Lisa and the Lullabies

Why wasn't there a girl-group called "The Barbies"? Oh, Mattel wouldn't sell the name. That toy was kinda popular.

Little Iva &
    Her Band
Lulu and the Luvvers
Lorraine and the Delights
Lorraine and the Socialites
Martha Reeves and the
Mary and the Desirables
Miriam Grate and the
Miss Prim and the
    Classroom Kids
Musique and the Lyrics
Patti and the Blue-Belles
    (Patti LaBelle,
    lead singer)
Patti Lace and the
Patty and the Emblems
Rachel and the
Regina and the Redheads
Reparata and the Delrons
Ronnie and the Relatives
    (The Ronettes)
Rosie and the Originals
Ruby and the Romantics
Sally and the Roses
Shirley Mathews and
    Big Town Girls
Silky and the Shantungs
Saudra Mallett and the
Tammy and the Carolinas
Terry and the Tunisians
Yolanda and the
Yvonne and the

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Bach's Lunch
The Eight Feet
Three Blond Mice
The Tran-Sisters
What Four
The Bootles


The Crystals
(there were reportedly five
different groups with this name)
The Emeralds
The Four Jewels
    (The Jewels)
The Gems
The Jades
The Jewels
The Opals
The Pearls
The Rubies
The Sapphires


The Ad-Libs
The Adorables
The Andantes
The Apollas
The Aquatones
Barbara and Brenda
The Beach-Nuts
    (the Angels plus
    the Strangeloves)
Betty & Rose
    (The Teen Queens)
The Blackwells
    The Blue Belles
    (The Starlets, not
    Patti LaBelle's group)
The Breakaways

The Breakaways

The Caravelles

The Castanets
The Chantels
The Chantelles
    (U.K.; the Lana Sisters
    without Dusty Springfield)
The Charmers
The Carousels
The D-Lites
    (The Jewels)
The Darnells
    (The Marvelettes plus
    The Andantes)
The Del Capris
The Del-Phis
    (Martha Reeves and
    the Vandellas)
The Delrons
The Deltairs
The Demures
The Devonnes
Diane and Annita
The Dixie Belles
The Donays
The Dorelles
The Drew-Vels
The Elektras
The Exciters
The Four Pennies
    (The Chiffons)
The Galens
The Geminis
The Gleams
The Gypsies
    (later, the Flirtations)
The Hi-Lites
    (The Jewels)
The Impalas
    (The Jewels)
The Inspirations
The Iridescents
The Jet Set
The Joytones
    (The Jewels)
The Lyrics (not the
    same group with     Musique)

Ann-Margret, who purred through the song, "Bachelor's Paradise." She was!

The Mar-Vells
The McKinleys
The Nu-Luvs
The Palisades
    (The Cookies)
The Pandoras
The Pennys
The Percells
The Pixies Three
The Pussycats
The Quintones
The Reasons

The Ru-Bee-Els
The Sandpipers
The Satisfactions
The Secrets
The Sensations
The Shangri-Las
    feature article
The Shirelles
The Shondells
    (no relation to
    Tommy James)
The Spandells
The Sparkles
The Stepping Stones
    (The Cookies)
The Strangeloves
    (later, the Emotions)
The Teardrops
The Three Degrees
    (though famous later,
    they had hits from
The Three Pennys
The Tiffanies
The Toy Dolls
The Tren-Teens
Two of Clubs
The Unforgettables
    (the name didn't work)
The Vells
    (Martha Reeves and
    the Vandellas)
The Veneers
The Victorians
The Vonns
The Westwoods
    (The Honeys)
The Wildcats
    (The Blossoms)
The Young Generation
    (included Janis Siegel,
    later of Manhattan
The Z-Debs
    (The Jaynetts)

Donna Loren, the "Dr Pepper Girl" who became a girl-group star

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The Secrets


Take a look! No matter your age, you'll recognize a few names on the list.

Alberta Adams
Ann Marie
Kriss Anderson
Marie Antoinette
Marie Applebee
Ginny Arnell
Bessie Banks
Barbara Jo
Nancy Baron
Fontella Bass
Rose Batiste
Estelle Bennett
    (Ronnie Spector's
Dorothy Berry
Cilla Black
Marcie Blane

Idalia Boyd
Jan Bradley
Cathy Brasher
    (reportedly, Britt
Tina Britt
Marilyn Britton
Kim Brown
Barbara Brown
Maxine Brown
Lorie Burton
Stacey Cane
Karen Carpenter
    feature article
Barbara Carr
Vikki Carr
Andrea Carroll
Bernadette Carroll
Candy Carroll
Cathy Carroll
Yvonne Carroll
Carolyn Carter
Bernadette Castro

Oh my gosh! Is that Cher smoking in an ad? Actually, it's not. Sonny would not approve!

Diane Christian
Chris Clark
Claudine Clark
Petula Clark
Merry Clayton
Mitty Collier
Noreen Corcoran
Louise Cordet
Carolyn Crawford
Ann D'Andrea
    (also listed as
    "Ann D'Andre")
Dottie Daniels
Maxine Darren
Billie Davies
Lynn Davis
Skeeter Davis
Joy Dawn
    (Claudine Clark)
Caroline Day
Doris Day
    (hardly a "girl,"
    she was in her 40s)
Debbie Dean
Barbara DeCosta
Sugar Pie DeSanto
Jackie DeShannon
Tracey Dey
Florence DeVore
Nella Dodds
Donna Douglas
    (of TV's Beverly
    Hillbillies, with one
    song, "He's So Near")
Kellie Douglas
    (Ellie Greenwich)
Rose Dubats
Patty Duke
Ernestine Eady
    (Darlene McRea of
    the Cookies)
Dee Edwards
Shirley Ellis
Linda Evans
    (later of "Dynasty")
Betty Everett
Shelly Fabares
Barbara Feldon
    (from TV's "Get
    Smart," with a 1966
    novelty song, "99")
Sheila Ferguson
Toni Fisher
Shelby Flint
Annabelle Fox
Inez Foxx
Connie Francis
Aretha Franklin

Erma Franklin
    (Aretha's sister)
Audrey Freeman
Annette Funicello
Ellie Gaye
    (Ellie Greenwich)
Beverly Ann Gibson
Patti Gilson
Marie Gladness
Lesley Gore
Eydie Gorme
Janie Grant
Julie Grant
Maureen Gray
Barbara Green
Ellie Greenwich
Linda Griner
Bonnie Guitar
Connie Haines
Gayle Haness
Betty Harris
Jill Harris
Mikie Harris
Jackie Hayes
Debora Healey
Oma Heard
Joey Heatherton
Tippi Hedren
    (star of "The Birds")
Vernell Hill
Brenda Holloway
Judy Hughes
Barbara Kay
Jeri Bo Keno
Carole King
Dee King
Barbara Jackson
Etta James
    (she had two girl-group
    type releases in
    1961 and 1962)

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Judy Johnson
Dorothy Jones
Gloria Jones
Janie Jones
    (immortalized later by
    the Clash in their hit,
    "Janie Jones")
Toni Jones
Cee Cee Joy
Roddie Joy
Karen Kelly
Ramona King
Kathy Kirby
Marie Knight
Linda Laurie
Dinah Lee
Jackie Lee
Barbara Lewis
Little Eva
    (Eva Boyd)
Hattie Littles
Donna Loren

Darlene Love
Joni Lyman
Meredith MacRae
    (of TV fame)
"Little" Peggy March
    (Margaret Battavio)
Marcie Jo/Marcy Jo
    (Marcy Jo Sockel)
Marlina Mars
Melinda Marx
    (Groucho's daughter)
Barbara Jo Mason
Bonnie Jo Mason
Mina (Mazzini)
Chi Chi McCauley
Barbara McNair
Lesley Miller
Hayley Mills
Tammy Montgomery
Joan Moody
Olivia Newton-John
    feature article
Juanita Nixon
Didi Noel
Charlotte O'Hara
    (Charlotte Ann
Jan Panter
Priscilla Paris
Gigi Parker
Deanie Parker
Lona Parr
Dolly Parton
    (she did better
    with country music)
    (Katie Kissoon)
Bernadette Peters
Debbie Peters
Sandy Posey
Pat Powdrill
Piccola Pupa
Carole Quinn
Alder Ray
Diane Ray
Tawney Reed
Diane Renay
Tina Robin
Julie Rogers
Debbie Rollins
Jackie Ross
Nita Rossi
Alice Rozier
Barbara Ruskin

Cathy Saint
Peggy Sans
    (Santiglia, of
    the Angels)
Evie Sands
Linda Scott
Shirley J. Scott
Sharon Marie
Dee Dee Sharp
Helen Shapiro
Sandie Shaw
Sandi Sheldon
    (Kendra Spottswood)
Lorraine Silver
Nancy Sinatra
Audry Slo
Millie Small
Martha Smith
Verdelle Smith
Joanie Sommers
Kendra Spottswood
Dusty Springfield
Renee St. Clair
Martha Star
Barbara Stephens
April Stevens
Connie Stevens
Dodie Stevens
    (Geraldine Ann
Terri Stevens
Tammy St. John
Debbie Stuart
Josephine Sunday
Bettye Swann
Sharon Tandy
Tammi Terrell
Sue Thompson
Carla Thomas
Irma Thomas
Babs Tino
Sherrell Townsend
Jackie Trent
Doris Troy
Sundray Tucker
Connie Van Dyke
    (Ronnie Bennett, later
    Spector, of the
Karen Verros
Suzy Wallis
Robin Ward
Dee Dee Warwick
    (Dionne's sister)
Dionne Warwick
Beverly Washburn
Baby Washington
    (also listed as Jeanette
    or Justine)
Joyce Webb
Mary Sue Wellington
Mary Wells
Dodie West
Kim Weston
Betty Willis
Naomi Wilson

Long before she was singing about that midnight train to Georgia, Della Reese was traveling in girl-group land.

Toni Wine
Alice Wonderland
Kenni Woods
    (Kendra Spottswood)
Marion Worth
April Young
Kathy Young
Timi Yuro

There are MORE!
Research has uncovered even more girl groups between 1960-1966! Click here to see the additional list.

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