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Girl Groups of the 1960s

March 7, 2014

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Twenty Feet From Stardom Wins Best Documentary

Oscars Twenty Feet from Stardom, featuring Darlene Love, won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Love, of girl-group fame, was part of the acceptance speech. After director Morgan Neville spoke, Darlene Love spoke for all the talented backup singers who've never gotten their due. Oscars

The crowd roared as her speech broke into song and she sang, "I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free." Love, a central figure in the film, overcame the anonymity that Phil Spector (now imprisoned for the murder of Lana Clarkson) tried to impose on her by using her as a unnamed lead singer for girl-group songs of the 1960s.

This amazing film illustrates those details and chronicles Darlene Love's amazing rise back to recognition, all self-created after her realization--years ago, working as a maid--that she had a voice that was recognized and she could once again be known to the world.

Congrats, Darlene Love, on your amazing turn of events!

Here's more about the days leading to this event...

Her Gown

Oscars Here are some inside looks of Love prepping for the big event. From Darlene Love's Facebook page is a shot where she's getting fitted for a possible Oscars gown.

If you're a fan of Darlene Love, you've got to stalk her FB page because that's where all the big announcements in her life are made.

The Spirit Awards

OscarsOn March 1, the Spirit Awards honored films on the night before the Oscars and Twenty Feet From Stardom won best documentary! Darlene Love also performed on the awards show.

After that, it was on to the Weinstein dinner, where her Facebook page revealed a fiesty round on the dance floor with none other than Bono!

Along the way she ran into Oprah and mentioned a future project involving the both of them.

CBS Love

Before the awards weekend, she was in big demand from the media due to the documentary and again-rising popularity.

She did a fantastic interview on CBS This Morning, where she discussed the documentary, her songs, and the painful day years ago when she was working as a maid and heard her hit song from the past on the radio--which launched the second phase of her career. Darlene Love talks on the Oscars, Phil Spector, and the re-discovery of her career.

She's a Rebel--on The Colbert Report

Love also appeared with Steven Colbert to sing her hit, He's a Rebel!

And if you're lucky enough to be in San Francisco this coming weekend, you can see her live at the Nourse Theater!

'20 Feet' Now Available on DVD

Twenty Feet From Stardom, a documentary about singers with well-recognized voices but who remained little-known, was released in June, opened the Miami International Film Festival and was also featured in the Sundance Film Festival.

By filmmaker Morgan Neville, the intriguing piece covers not only Darlene Love, but Merry Clayton (whose voice is heard on the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter) and Lisa Fischer, who sang with Luther Van Dross, the Rolling Stones, and Sting. Clayton has a girl-groups connection, too, as she was the first to record The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss). Betty Everett's version, however, is the one that became famous.

The highs and lows of background singing are covered in detail, and Love reveals some little-known details about her work with Phil Spector, who is now serving prison time after being convicted of second degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

The soundtrack of the film is also available at: 20 Feet from Stardom - Music From The Motion Picture.

To read more about the film, here is the piece from the Miami Herald: Darlene Love on the Silver Screen.

Love that Bio!

Darlene Love's biography, My Name is Love was recently updated and released.

This fascinating story of a songstress whose determination matched the strength of her voice covers the girl-group period in its entirely, with gossipy tidbits no fan will want to miss.

You'll also get to know the later Darlene Love, who heard "her" own hit on the radio years later while she was reduced to cleaning houses, and decided at that moment to get back on the stage. As those of you who've seen her on Letterman, heard her in concert, or enjoyed her Christmas CD, It's Christmas of Course, will know, she made it! is offering her biography at a "best price" rate for readers of! Get it now: My Name is Love.

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Dippity Remember the early 1960s...when Coke was just a soft drink...when the only nudity you saw was a Barbie doll, between outfits...when the biggest worry was who Johnny would invite to the prom? takes you back to those days, to the fab era of early 1960s girl groups. Most people can remember the Supremes,the Ronettes, and the Shangri-las. But there were actually hundreds of artists, both groups and solo singers, who were part of the girl-group era from 1960-1966.

Early Lesley Gore Who were these singers? Who made the sound? Why was it so famous, and suddenly gone? Here you'll find an interesting history of the girl groups.

Do you remember a kooky song title? Check out our songs list.

Tang! Wanna know cool trivia or when your favorite song hit number one? You'll find it: Fun Page.

Girl Group GemsThe girl-group sound is still popular, especially with the advent of CDs. You can find famous artists and one-hit wonders on girl-group CDs and in books about the era.

What's happening these days with some of these stars? The gals still look great!

Remember those beach-party movies? Not only did Annette Funicello appear, but so did the Supremes, Toys, & Lesley Gore!

Review Pages!

Reviews of CDs, DVDs and books from the girl-groups era have been added and all reviews appear in alphabetical order by artist.

Groups and singers include all your favorites and hundreds more you didn't know about! Take a moment to look because that obscure song you can't remember or group you don't expect to find on CD will be there! Check it out:

As requested, we have now categorized the Reviews -- groups, soloists, compilations and more.

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By popular request, we have added a Q & A page. Read new info and see new pix here!
Q and A about the girl groups. You can email your questions, too!

In this installment, we answer your questions about what defines "the girl-group era," who is the most enduring group and songwriter, with details about characters like Phil Spector and groups like Ruby & the Romantics ("Our Day Will Come"), the Ad-Libs ("Boy From New York City"), the Orlons ("Don't Hang Up"), and the Essex ("Easier Said Than Done").

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Annette Beach PartyThis hilarious list will give you all the components you need to go back to the Sixties. Especially nice is the first item on the list, a Frankie and Annette CD!
Sixties, come back to me!

Girl Group Gems: Red Bird Entertainment

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A Free Listen to Top Girl-Group Hits!

Here's a site that lists the "Top 100" girl-group hits, ranked by "level of impact" by the website. Purists please note that it includes 1950s girl-group songs:
100 Greatest Girl Group Hits


Clairette Clementino!

Known as the "little girl with the big voice," this California native had nine singles over four years. Here's all about her fascinating recording career that started as age 12 and revealed a strong, clear voice perfectly befitting of the girl-group sound! This special feature was written by Ken Friedman. Read all about it: The Little Girl with the Big Voice.

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